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London Lights Series of Standalone Romances

Meeting Miss Mollie (London Lights 1)

Annabelle is a hard-nosed writer with a sound marriage, a thriving career at Adorn magazine and a busy social life. She has only one ambition—to be the best-known advice columnist in the UK. When her world is turned upside down by her husband’s infidelity she strikes out on her own and answers an ad to flat with a jet-setting businessman. As Annabelle begins to settle she sees things in her new house aren’t quite what they seem and her problems begin to mount.

Christian is an attractive and wealthy property developer whose life is solidly on track. He lives in an exclusive part of town, travels extensively, and is engaged to his beautiful model girlfriend. But despite this, he knows something is missing from his life. Can Annabelle help him find it?

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Liverpool Kiss (London Lights 2)

Madonna Smith hates her dysfunctional life in Liverpool. She leaves home, cuts herself off from family and friends, and reinvents herself in London as girl about town Madeleine Smythe-Hamilton. She has a great job on a trading floor, a rich and successful fiancee, and a fantastic social life.

George Davies is a handsome young fireman, who believes his life is all set: he loves his home city of Liverpool, his family, and his fiancee. But when his fiancee dumps him, it sets off a chain of events that finds him living in a city he hates: London.

When George and Madeleine meet after many years, can this down-to-earth fireman and social climbing pretender have anything in common? And can you love someone you wanted to forget?

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Grief Is a Hungry Business

These standalone short stories explore the themes of love and loss.

The Ticking Clock – a young married woman explores the decision her and her husband made to forgo having a family.

The Engagement – a young man returns to India to do his duty and marry the girl his family has chosen for him.

Not Quite Perfect – a teenage girl falls pregnant and must deal with the repercussions.

Beneath The Silver Birch – an adult travels to a country she lived in as a child, to find the grave of her baby brother.

Grief Is A Hungry Business – a woman attends a funeral, but wants to stay in the shadows. Why is she there?

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LA Lights Series

The Audition: A Hopeful and Heartwarming Novelette (LA Lights 1)

Will her talent take her all the way to Hollywood?

Tessa Taylor is a regular girl; a college student with small problems and big dreams. Her dream, like so many others of her age, is to make it big as an actress in Los Angeles. But even though she’s studying acting, she can’t get any traction in her bid to get a job in LA, where all the auditions are. Until the week when things unexpectedly begin to change. Some news in her acting class leads to an exciting opportunity, but chance meetings might compromise her luck.

Does Tessa have what it takes to shine in the audition?

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Taking the Lead: Adventures of a Hollywood Dog Walker (LA Lights 2)

Twenty-one-year-old Tessa Taylor drops out of college and leaves her home in Washington, DC, to pursue her lifelong ambition of becoming an actress, but her decision comes at a price. Tinseltown is tough, stardom elusive, and LA exorbitantly expensive.

When her dreams crumble, Tessa struggles. Her heart bruised, she compromises to make ends meet and tries one disastrous job after another.

When a fortunate coincidence leads her to a job she never thought she’d do—dog walking—her adventures begin, and a new life, and love, unfold.

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Acting Up: More Adventures of a Hollywood Dog Walker (LA Lights 3)

Tessa Taylor has so much going for her: a loving relationship with Ryan, a burgeoning acting career, a profitable dog-walking business, and great friends. So why isn’t she happy? For starters, she’s been flopping at auditions, and Ryan isn’t as supportive of her acting career as she’d like him to be. When Tessa meets sexy, wild-boy rocker Ash Adams, she can’t stop thinking about him, but is he the man she really needs? Meanwhile, her dog-walking business leads her to danger. She ends up playing a key part in breaking up a ruthless dognapping ring, culminating in a late-night mission to an abandoned asylum and a dramatic shootout in the LA River.

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Transplanting Holly Oakwood (LA Lights 4 but also a standalone novel)

Holly Oakwood’s cosy life is shattered when her boyfriend has an affair with her best friend. Determined to mend her broken heart by throwing herself into her career, but unable to hide her contempt for her new boss, she loses her job as well. She leaves London and lands a dream job in a Consulate in LA, but that’s when her troubles really begin.

Guy Cutler is an attractive young widower, whose role as a diplomat means he is assured, articulate and adaptable. He is career driven, and love isn’t on his agenda, because knows he can’t replace the woman he lost.

Can this unlikely couple find love together?

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Barking Bad: More Adventures of a Hollywood Dog Walker (LA Lights 5)

Tessa is approached to be the model for a new line of cosmetics. The offer is attractive, and so is the company’s owner. He makes it clear, though, that his interest in Tessa is more than professional. Will her acceptance of his modelling offer lead her into further adventures?

The fifth installment of the LA Lights series will be available before July 2017.

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I was born in Liverpool, England to parents who had a strong sense of adventure and moved many times.  I’ve lived in Canada, the United States, England and New Zealand.  I’ve worked in a variety of jobs ranging from envelope stuffer to bakery assistant, librarian to trade development executive, but none of my jobs were as much fun as the one that allowed me to write and get paid for it.  That was a few years ago, and each year it’s become more and more apparent what I want to do is write full time, a dream that first occurred to me at seventeen.

My books are light hearted and humorous stories for and about women who value their families, friendships, careers, and independence; who have a sense of adventure; and who live and love with passion. Did I say they also love dogs?

Like my characters, I love my family and friends, beautiful shoes, anything sparkly, the ‘occasional’ drink, parties, and a good belly laugh.  I’m addicted to shopping, chocolate, bubble bath and anything else that smells nice, and TV programmes you’d never publicly admit to watching.

I live in a lovingly renovated home overlooking Auckland’s beautiful Waitemata Harbour, with my trusted Great Danes Dolce and Gabbana, and their two cats Charlie and Jamie.  The dogs keep me fit and exercised, scare the burglars away, sit loyally by my side throughout my late night writing sessions, and hang on my every word when I read final drafts aloud.  They truly are my biggest fans, and I theirs. The cats, on the other hand, hang out by themselves and ignore the dogs and me.

I love my life, but not so much that there’s not room to live a load of other lives, through the hearts and minds of my characters, all of whom I adore, and some of whom I’m fortunate enough to call friends.

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