3 July 2012


Last Friday I spent most of the day chewing on the end of a pencil and wondering what  I could blog about next.  I’m new to all this, and despite the fact I can always find plenty to talk about (and it can be hard to shut me up) committing it to the page is a different matter entirely.  Imagine my surprise then to log on to Twitter and learn that I’m a winner of the Beautiful Blogger Award.  

This honor, which is a popular award given to bloggers by bloggers, was passed to me by the charming and urbane AM Schultz, who is a writer, philosopher, prolific Tweeter, passionate pug lover and all-round good guy.  I was thrilled to get the award because I’ve written a grand total of two blog posts in my entire life, and both were a long time in the making; I greatly admire AM, and so to receive it from him made it the more special to me; and importantly I’ve never won anything in my life, not even an argument.

Research tells me there are several things you have to do when you receive this award, and just in case it’s taken back if I don’t comply, here are the rules:

  1. Post the award logo on your blog
  2. Acknowledge the person who awarded it to you
  3. Tell the readers of your blog seven things they don’t know about you
  4. Nominate and pass on the award to seven other people


So having done the first two, here’s seven things you don’t know about me:

  1. I live in New Zealand, speak with a North American accent, but I was born in Liverpool, England and am a total Anglophile.  Some call me international in perspective, some call me Heinz varieties, and some call me damn confused.
  2. When I was younger I wanted to be an interpreter and learnt French, German, Dutch and Esperanto (Esperanto??  True, I swear it).
  3. I once fell down over a missing floorboard of a house and got my leg wedged in between the boards – had to wait twelve hours for my flatmate to come home and rescue me.  Yes, alcohol was involved…..
  4. I still have a ding in my leg where the floorboard pushed a tendon out of place.  People ask if it’s a muscle from weight training.  I just smile and tap my nose.
  5. I very rarely remember the names of my friend’s children, but I always remember the names of their dogs.
  6. Despite the fact I never win arguments, I’m continually practicing my technique.
  7. My trusted companions Bronson Boxer, Dolce Dane and I are working on a covert international mission to ‘import’ this little gem into New Zealand, but don’t tell anyone at Customs.


Now to the nicest part of this blog – time for me to nominate seven blogs I enjoy reading, and that are therefore the new recipients of the Beautiful Blogger Award. Here they are (big drum roll) in no particular order:

 Cayman Thorn’s drinks well with others

Donna Joy Usher’s Blog

Zen Habits by blog master Leo Babauta

Daily Candy

Daily Writing Tips

Shauna Bickley’s Wilful Words

And finally, this award returns to AM Schultz, who has provided invaluable support to me in my short blogging and Tweeting career.  Thanks AM and I’m proud to join you as a Beautiful Blogger.

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