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I was born in Liverpool, England to parents who had a strong sense of adventure and moved many times.  I’ve lived in Canada, the United States, England, and New Zealand.  I’ve worked in a variety of jobs ranging from envelope stuffer to bakery assistant, librarian to trade development executive, but none of my jobs were as much fun as the one that allowed me to write and get paid for it.  That was a few years ago, and each year it’s become more and more apparent what I want to do is write full time, a dream that first occurred to me at seventeen.

I write contemporary romance and dog-friendly fiction under my Di Jones name. My books are light-hearted and humorous stories for and about women who value their families, friendships, careers, and independence; who have a sense of adventure; and who live and love with passion. Did I say they also love dogs?

Under the pen name Diane Jones, I write paranormal and urban fantasy books that contain strong romance elements, likable and relatable heroes, and animals that won’t shut up. Under this pseudonym, I write about aliens, angels, dragons, fairies, vampires, wolf shifters, and all sorts of other creatures you won’t run into in your everyday life.

Like my characters, I love my family and friends, beautiful shoes, anything sparkly, the occasional drink, parties, and a good belly laugh.  I’m addicted to shopping, chocolate, bubble bath and anything else that smells nice, and TV programs you’d never publicly admit to watching.

I live in the Auckland countryside, right next to the forest, with my trusted Great Danes Dolce, Gabbana, and Armani, and their two cats Charlie and Jamie.  The dogs keep me fit and exercised, scare the burglars away, sit loyally by my side throughout my late-night writing sessions, and hang on my every word when I read final drafts aloud.  They truly are my biggest fans, and I am theirs. The cats, on the other hand, hang out by themselves and ignore the dogs and me.

I love my life, but not so much that there’s no room to live a load of other lives, through the hearts and minds of my characters, all of whom I adore, and some of whom I’m fortunate enough to call friends.

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Farewell To My Friend

21 April 2013 On Friday I said goodbye to Bronson, my friend and companion.  I had forgotten how hard grief is, how heavy your heart feels in your chest, how every breath is slow and ponderous, and how the world feels harsh and intrusive in its very ordinariness. ...

On Tour with Transplanting Holly Oakwood

15 April 2013 I'm pleased to announce my first ever blog tour, for my first ever novel, Transplanting Holly Oakwood.  Organised by the lovely Samantha March of ChickLitPlus, the tour starts today and runs through until the 6th of May. Everyone who leaves a comment on...

Love My Liebster

6 March 2013 The dynamic Donna Joy Usher has nominated me for the Liebster Award, a blog award that’s been doing the rounds for some years now.  Acceptance of the Award means you have to tell 11 random facts about yourself, answer a number of questions about yourself...


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